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Straw-Hotel in Groningen

Straw-hotel, sleeping in straw, unique B&B ánd accommodation for groups

“Sleeping in straw, isn’t that something from former times?”

“Yes that’s right”, and we – and now many guests of our straw-hotel – have discovered how wonderful and comfortable a bed of straw can be.
Sleeping in straw in our straw-hotel  is nostalgic, romantic, cool and comfortable! The bed bounces and sways a bit, molds to your body, providing warmth in winter and high summer temperatures just a little cool.
This unique experience is perfect as a romantic getaway for couples, super fun for the whole family, a top group accommodation for groups of friends, memorable with a group of colleagues.
The Straw-Hotel has the following accommodation: three unique straw igloos, the unsurpassed straw castle and under the impressive roof of the large former barn hayloft.

If you  have a party and your guests travel from far, then it would be nice  to offer such a special stop for your guests.
Multi-day meeting packages are also possible. For more information  visit: Conference center.
For complete arrangements we have put a number of attractive opportunities in a row.
Do you want to surprise someone with a special gift order our unique giftcard.

Sleeping in a straw-igloo with a view on the stars!

Feel one with nature in this unique and extremely cozy igloos built of straw. Where the Inuit previously showed their special architecture with blocks of ice, we have studied and copied it and we build with straw-bales. The round design is unique in its simplicity, but very strong and effective. The circular space provides a sense of intimacy and hospitality. Wind and weather are kept outside. Inside its is warm and cozy with a small heater. In top of the igloo there is a large glass dome through which you can admire the stars. On a clear day and in spring you see fly over the first birds. Each straw igloo is fully furnished with straw beds, a dining area, electricity, heating, and a small fridge. There are two igloos for two to four people and one igloo for two people.

With good weather you can enjoy breakfast outside at your own picnic table. With the beautiful view over the vast lands of Groningen it is magical as if the world is at your feet.
On a short distance is the bathroom with showers and toilets (heated in winter) and a separate wooden cabin where you can make coffee / tea and cook. All facilities are available.

Kids also love the straw igloos, especially since the trampoline and playgroundwith swing is nearby the igloos.

Want more information about the Straw-Hotel or specific the straw-Igloo?Get in touch

Unique B&B in a Straw-Castle

Sleeping in the Straw Castle: „It seems like a fairy tale.“

In our Bed en Breakfast you will find yourself prince and princess in your own dream castle. A large barn with fairytale draperies, heavy chandeliers, soft cow scins on the floor, castle chairs and much more. In the middle of the room is your bed, with very nice and regally bedlinen.
“You’re invited by her Royal Highness”. Sometimes dreams come true! The Straw Castle is suitable for two up to six persons.
Sleep-overs with children in Straw Castle are also a feast. They have their own prins- and princesses bed. Your children will not be bored by a moment.
It is our pleasure to advise you on various excursions, or you can make use of our own range of activities and workshops.
Straw Castle has a luxury bathroom with shower, sink and toilet. In the morning delivered a delicious breakfast in the castle.

Want more information about the Straw-Castle or make a reservation?Get in touch

Unique Group accommodation in Groningen

Sleeping in straw with your friends, family or collegaes. No hotel or regular groupaccommodation can compare with this!
You stay with your group or family in the hayloft, directly beneath the imposing roof, between the main trusses and beams. You can taste the authentic atmosphere of the old farmhouse, you can smell the fresh straw.
The decor is rustic, tough and a bit magical.
The hayloft has three double beds and straw eight unique bedsteads. Max. 16 people can sleep on a bed of straw. If you want to stay with a larger group, or is there a need for more privacy than you can also use the nearby straw castle and / or the straw igloos (if available).
All facilities for a successful group outing in a row:
– Breakfast
– Separate cabin with kitchen facilities, i.a. cook
– Use fridges, microwave, dishes, glassware, cutlery etc.
– A publicly accessible shared space with div. games, air hockey, table tennis, drumming, rock
– Stereo, WiFi, projector and screen
– Luxury bathroom
– Sheltered terrace and a range of outdoor play equipment
– Information on various trips, also see area
– Offer special group activities
– meals

Would you like to make a group reservation, please use this form.

Want more information or make a reservation for a group?Get in touch

Sleeping in straw in the winter: sometimes an icy and yet very cozy adventure!

Do you dare to brave the cold when it’s cold and inclement weather outside?
One thing is certain: those who are not deterred by a little cold experience a special winter adventure.
In the Straw Castle the area around the dinner table is heated with radiant heaters and most of the time comfortably warm. The rest of the castle is nice and fresh. With fleece blankets, warm hugs in bed, woolen nightcaps it will be comfortably warm. More information about sleeping in straw in winter can be found here.

The straw igloos has a small heater. The thick walls of straw ensure that the cold and wind stays outside.
Sleeping in a bed of straw is always warm, even in winters with temperature far below zero degrees.


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Want to enjoy the special atmosphere of  the Straw Hotel? Then book a straw-igloo, or book your stay in the straw castle, or for a group the hayloft.

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Guest experiences

Mark en Marina

Delicious enjoyed a romantic night in the straw. An unwise nice experience. The radiant heaters and blankets have kept us warm. After a day of Christmas shopping done in Groningen have you come here to unwind . And finally a delicious gourmet breakfast . Who knows the next time.

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Enjoy pure Groningen. Sleep unusual and awake very special, play, chat, …. live. Give someone this amazing expierence with our gift voucher!