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  • Rutger en Jorinda says:

    We had a nice night. Very friendly hostess and a top breakfast ! Very nice for you to dive into another world. A special experience in a wonderful, peaceful and beautiful surroundings . The bathroom and kitchen are very clean! Really top, top , top!

  • Ole en Lisbet says:

    10 juli 2014, Dear Wil & Hans, Thank you for a really wonderful stay at Heyema Heer. It was worth all the long trip form Denmark. Such a beautiful area in this friendly country. We loved the breakfast too. Best wishes, Ole & Lisbet

  • JC en Deborah says:

    It was an excellent experience. The atmosphere of the igloo is super nice and quiet area makes you feel like living in here in another world .
    The breakfast was super tasty and plentiful ! Many many thanks for the warm welcome . With regards from Belgium

  • Johan en Ellen says:

    March 29, 2015 – Dear Hans and Will, the weekend is already over . We have four of us enjoyed our time in the straw castle. Breakfast was fantastic and the setting beautiful. Yesterday we did the inboeringscursus at Egbert and Ciska on farm Knight . That was an experience never to be forgotten . We felt honored to be seeing the first lambs born triplets of the season. it was a great company with foolish kind and hospitable people. The Groningen weekend was a success. Bye!

    Regards, John, Ellen , Rose and Puck .

  • Maaike en Kristoff says:

    Welcome to the ” Belgian – Iglo ”

  • Sören en Laura says:

    It was a very fun and unique experience. The quiet surroundings , the bright sky certainly something magical.
    Very hospitable people here, nice breakfast in a cozy environment between all the straw.
    Even when it’s freezing outside , it ‘s in here nice and warm by a small heater.
    The Wadden are definitely worth discovering , as well as the beautiful surroundings , with its vast meadows and big farms. Hopefully till next time . Sören and Laura from the “small” Belgium

  • Niels en Rowenna says:

    14-02-2016 , Thanks for the great experience . We slept like a prince and princess in the wonderful straw – super cozy ! We like to come back sometime in the summer weather . Greetings and Niels Rowenna

  • Jack en Annie says:

    Easter 2015

    Dear Hans and Will, we have enjoyed in your beautiful straw castle! After a nice welcome and a nice ‘ inboeringscursus ‘ at farmer Kees we crawled our nice bed. even though it was we slept wonderfully -5 degrees outside . In the morning we were like smoke -breathing dragons awake! Having been a delicious breakfast to Pieterburen and the mudflats . But first we have cycled a round at the Elliptigo ‘s , what does that tasty. After a wonderful night we sit down to breakfast , socializing with female Fransel . The Igloos places and you invite another visit , there are still so much to do fun things here . And the girls still want to play games again , drumming and sit on the swing . Thank you very much for your hospitality and maybe see you soon!

    Jack , Annie, Berit , Ylva , Jytte

  • Frank and Anouk says:

    What an amazing entourage! With a warm welcome from Will and the next morning an incredible breakfast from Hans!
    We really enjoyed!
    Frank and Anouk

  • Bo, Mika, Fynn, Edwin en Anouk says:

    Best wishes and Hans ,
    If you are 1.5 years stomp with your boots in the mud and you walk in nicely with the broom around .
    If you ‘re 10 and 12 , climb into the straw , builds bring your own castles, drums like a rock star , and enjoy the shower and overwhelming breakfast . As parents you enjoy it as intensely your children! Delicious slept , ate and rested. Really a place to come back again. fam . Sikkens

  • Olaf en Andrea says:

    April 20, 2015 ,

    We have a nice weekend behind us. The first night in the straw- Iglo after walk with farmer Kees . Super nice farmer and a very cool experience ! The second night slept in the straw castle. What a special place! We’re still nice to enjoy after the sun the delicious breakfast , the peace and the animals around us. Also recommended to rent a tandem . Good faith test and great fun to miscarry through the meadows . Good place to get rid of your spider phobia

  • Ellen and Sander says:

    Thanks for your hospitality ! You have really great for each other, so we had a great day and night !! This night in the straw castle we carry in our memories with a smile. Thanks again.

    Greetings Ellen and Sander

  • Marc and Karin says:

    une 1, 2014 , this is a place to remember . I slept like a log ; in straw , which is something home! Do not know if we are going to build an igloo , but something is going straw ‘t be …
    Welcomes , honest people who really want their guests something drop well and do the same. Wow you happy yet Find!
    Thanks for great weekend Groningen

    Marc and Karin

  • Alexandro says:

    Last weekend we have (10 former fellow students ) spent on the farm. We were welcomed with coffee and cake Groninger . Then quickly go to the neighbors to help with milking the cows, calves bringing , feeding, cleaning and so on. Very nice to see what all is involved in running a dairy farm . Then back to have a drink and enjoy a meal in the spacious living room . The underfloor heating makes it toasty warm , modern toilets and showers are great! Sleeping in the hayloft on hay bales is a unique experience . Very cozy and warm. The next morning we serve a delicious and very rich breakfast. Highly recommended to stay in this unique location with these hospitable people.

  • Gerben and Ilja says:

    August 18, 2014 , Whát and welcome , no matter what an igloo , what a place! Not for a moment regret that we have chosen this … Looking forward to the delicious breakfasts in the morning . Quietly enjoy each other and all the beauty that provide this environment.
    Idyllic, spots , restaurants, we are still not bored here .
    Our children Bodki and Mano did not want to go home despite the rain.
    Thank you very much!
    Gerben and Ilja , Bodki and Mano

  • Martine & Gerko says:

    08.16.2014, It was an adventurous and romantic night, all our worries had forgotten! We enjoyed delicious! Really recommended, so much and who knows soon. Love Martine & Gerko

  • Ferdinand & Joshua says:

    August 1, 2014 , a delightful experience. Environment , Iglo and breakfast, a real gift . The beds are surprisingly tasty. Deliciously different. Dankjulliewel , Constanze Ferdinand & Joshua

  • G and M says:

    Thursday, July 10, 2014 , Sometimes you need an ‘escape’ … Away from mainstream life and routine. Enjoy with capital letters ! Reborn , find confidence and live in the now. Thanks for the hospitality , the good feeling and the wonderful breakfast. G & M

  • Ole & Lisbet says:

    10 juillet 2014 , Cher Will & Hans , Je vous remercie de vraiment merveilleux séjour à Heyema Seigneur. Il vaut la peine tout le long voyage forment le Danemark . Une telle belle région dans ce pays ami . Nous avons adoré le petit déjeuner trop . Meilleurs voeux , Ole & Lisbet

  • Peter and Christine says:

    Sunday, July 6th 2014 After two wonderful nights of in your beautiful straw – igloo today we leave Drachten . We enjoyed the silence and surprising area of the province of Groningen . A tour through the province brought us , among others in Niehove where you can eat at the restaurant Indonesian Eisseshof further visits to Zoutkamp , Noordpolderzijl and Menkemaborg in Uithuizen . Plenty to see in the region! The breakfast was excellent and we hope you continue this way with your original company ! Thanks and greetings Peter and Christine

  • Hielko and Yvette says:

    Dear Hans & Will (and the rest v / h team ) , we are happy ! What we have had a good time. We look back on a fine preparation and cooperation, which have a nice attitude and your ideas for a festive day. Celebrate our anniversary with you was lovely, cozy, relaxed, nothing too crazy, nice , intimate … There are not enough words. In summary: it was great! Thanks, we see each other … Regards, Hielko and Yvette

  • Mark en Marina says:

    Delicious enjoyed a romantic night in the straw. An unwise nice experience. The radiant heaters and blankets have kept us warm. After a day of Christmas shopping done in Groningen have you come here to unwind . And finally a delicious gourmet breakfast . Who knows the next time.

  • Bert and Renske says:

    24-08-2014 , Dear Hans and Will. Thanks for the hospitality we had a good sleep in the straw . The rest area is lovely and the breakfast was also top notch. It was a fantastic experience, we will definitely come a time down ( maybe for our wedding night ) . Good luck with your straw empire. Regards, Bert and Renske

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G and M

Thursday, July 10, 2014 , Sometimes you need an 'escape' ... Away from mainstream life and routine. Enjoy with capital letters ! Reborn , find confidence and live in the now. Thanks for the hospitality , the good feeling and the wonderful breakfast. G & M

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