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Is ‘sleeping in straw’ in the winter not too cold?

The straw-castle and straw-igloo’s are obviously not regular rooms with central heating and guaranteed room temperature.
Yet we can say with considerable certainty that the cold will not or just a little affect you.
The large barn with hay loft has underfloor heating plus we use additional heaters if necessary.
The temperature in the Straw castle can be nice and fresh, but the area around the dinner table, is heated by several heaters
The straw igloos are delicious reheated within no time.
You can,  if necessary,  use nice thick wool blankets. Moreover, sleeping in a bed of straw guaranteed to warm, even in extreme cold.
With a weather-forecasts of minus 10 or colder however, we can not give any guarantees. In that situation we have contact in advance to hear if you – despite the cold -wants to come anyway, or make an new book for another period.

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Guest experiences

Ole en Lisbet

10 juli 2014, Dear Wil & Hans, Thank you for a really wonderful stay at Heyema Heer. It was worth all the long trip form Denmark. Such a beautiful area in this friendly country. We loved the breakfast too. Best wishes, Ole & Lisbet

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