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I have hay fever; I am allergic. Gives sleeping in straw than any problems?

In most cases, there is no problem, except in a pronounced allergy to straw.

Straw is often confused with hay. Hay is mowed grass and therefore still may contain pollen of grass.  Patients with hay fever indeed can suffer from this grass pollen.
Straw on the other hand is from corn, wheat, barley etc., and is therefore an entirely different material.
Working with straw course gives dust, but that swirls down quickly and  is swept away quickly.
As long as you don’t mess with the straw  there is nothing to worry about.
In recent years, we have welcomed several guests with hay fever, asthma and other lung complaints. Some of them were “armed” with a complete medications arsenal.
Of all these people no one has had any problems. We even got a compliment: “The air is surprisingly pure.”
But iff you do not trust it yet, you can use natural anti-histamine tablets beforehand.

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Frank and Anouk

What an amazing entourage! With a warm welcome from Will and the next morning an incredible breakfast from Hans! We really enjoyed! Frank and Anouk

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