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Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor Cooking; cooking class

A particular workshop “Outdoor Cooking” for  a special team experience. You and your team will cook a delicious meal with organic products, ingredients from nature and on real campfires. Without the usual tools from the kitchen, but with a lot of inspiration, collaboration, and enjoying the outdoor cooking, you will be surprised by the delicious dishes you can make with your team.

workshop outdoor cooking

Outdoor Cooking is Slow Cooking

During the workshop the fire is the central base. There is no cooker or electric furnace.  We will use a large fireplace and several fire bowls in which fires are made and coals to glow.  For preparation and cooking the dishes we  use the authentic Dutch Ovens. The feeling and the taste and smell of the outdoor cooking in a large cast iron pot over hot coals and fire is hard to match. All the senses are stimulated.

mooie stoofpot

workshop outdoor cooking

Cooking with what nature offers us

The workshop offers a unique experience to prepare a meal with purely local and regional products that are pure and organic; meat, fish, vegetables, herbs, cheese, herbs, fruits etc. Part of the workshop can be, acquainted with typical Dutch superfoods, which are found abundantly and reaping in our area. For example; nettle, elder or sorrel. The workshop we start with a hike, we teach the team to identify the plants and how they should be picked. Afterwards, we make a delicious pesto or e.g. soup.
For people who are at home less focused on cooking with natural products, this may be a sensational experience. Enjoy pure and healthy and above all delicious food. The cook explains and notes about the various possibilities of the ingredients and products. Besides a special team experience, this is a unique learning curve for people to go home later more concerned with cooking with natural and healthy products.

Outdoor Cooking workshop as a teambuilding activity

The workshop will be accompanied by cook Harrie and a trainer. During this workshop, it is not Harry who prepares and cooks. You do with your team. Harry operate as oracle and kept the team for any missteps.
Collaboration, roles and task-distribution are important to achieve a good result and that is a delicious meal for the whole team. Throughout the process of lighting  the fires, washing the vegetables, marinate the meat / fish, stir the pots etc.,  covering and decorating the tables there is enough space for the relationships within the team
The content (objectives and, if necessary orders) of the workshop will be compiled in advance by mutual agreement. Elements such as leadership, communication, cooperation can have a place here.

vrouwen bereiden voorgerecht groep Laning bij het vuur

The workshop is suitable for groups from 8-25 people. The activity, incl. dinner takes about three hours.
Price on request.

Outdoor Cooking in the rain

We ofte get this question: “Outdoor Cooking, is dat also possible when it rains, or in the winter?”
“Yes!” The workshop will be something more  exciting and challenging. Because how do you fire when it’s wet outside, how do you keep the fire burning? Is it really too wet then worked under some fireproof shelters.
In the winter, outdoor cooking is just a very special experience. With a group around the fire, warming each other and meanwhile creates calm and almost naturally more depth in mutual discussions.

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