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Herding:A boost for team building

Outside and far away from the daily routine, the group will be invited to the workshop Herding. It is a unique and effective teambuilding activity where a team learned in very enlightening and joyful way how it could function better.


Herding for Businessteams and companies

For companies and organizations, we have developed a special program that focuses on strengthening the functioning of a team or department. Prior to the workshop, there is coordination on the content, objectives and approach during the workshop. The workshop is ideal for working on specific goals, such as a leadership issue, loosening entrenched patterns of cooperation, communication goals, strengthen confidence of team members, and provides support and input in the application of e.g. competency management, or change management.
Once you and your team enter the sheep meadow the activity starts; the sheep function immediately as a mirror, but do not despair if the sheep seemed tot cheated on you.
With the trainers you will have an exciting experience for two hours.


Content of the workshop Herding

The task is simple: direct a flock of sheep on the meadow, passing various obstacles and bring them back in the pen.
The workshop consists of three parts and will take approximately 2 hours:
The shepherd and his dog show how important cooperation, communication and trust are to achieve a good result. An explanation is given about the commands to the dog and how the sheep react.

Working with sheep;
After the demonstration, the participants work into small groups with the sheep. Only by a transparent and efficiënt communication in the teams, giving and asking confidence, the team is able to herd the sheep into the desired direction. The trainers will provide interim guidance and feedback.

Working with the dog:
An integral part of the workshop is to work individually with the dog and the sheep. Now you form a team with the dog. Once there is real contact between you and the dog, the dog can be a perfect mirror for your mood and the way you deal with the situation.
Afterwards there will be an opportunity for a serious evaluation and feedback.


Herding demand the best from a team

The increase the dynamics of the activity we have added a game element to the workshop. Points can be obtained, for example, on the basis of the fastest time, most of the obstacles. The team that performed the best wins a prize.
And the sheep? After hard work they enjoy the fresh grass.

Fee and other practical information

  • The workshop Herding takes place on the compound of Hayema Heerd
  • Duration of the workshop: about 2 hours depending on group size
  • Number of participants: minimum 8, maximum 20
  • Available from mid-April – mid-November
  • Sturdy footwear is required which may be wet and dirty
  • For a group > 20 persons we may be organize a parallel activity (in consultation of course)
  • For groups up to 12 people € 450.00 per workshop. From 12 participants an additional charge € 30.00 p.p.
  • Rates are excl. VAT, incl. Travel and other expenses trainers
  • Rates for workshops with training goal, on request
Want more information about this special activity for a group outing of for a teambuilding?Contact us
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Guest experiences

Sören en Laura

It was a very fun and unique experience. The quiet surroundings , the bright sky certainly something magical. Very hospitable people here, nice breakfast in a cozy environment between all the straw. Even when it’s freezing outside , it ‘s in here nice and warm by a small heater. The Wadden are definitely worth discovering , as well as the beautiful surroundings , with its vast meadows and big farms. Hopefully till next time . Sören and Laura from the “small” Belgium

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