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Experience the Wadden Sea

Package: Wadden Sea: tidal flat walking and sleeping in straw

No recreational activity is more characteristic for the Wadden Sea region than this tidal flat walking: experience the Wadden Sea, by a walk on the flat side. Reveal what is at the bottom of the Wadden Sea by taking a walking tour. Twice a day – in the hours around low tide, the Wadden Sea gets dry and you have the chance to actually get there and experience how it feels like to stroll on the sea bed. Professional guides will take on a discovery trip. Such a trip is an excellent opportunity for walkers to enjoy a ramble through the natural elements.
You feel far away from daily life – experiencing a vast space, open horizon, salty wind and clouds of birds. Cockles and worms under your feet cause movement in the water and sand. Prawns flash by your ankles and you can see flatfishes close by in the shallow water. Legions of small crabs, snails, mussels, starfishes and hermit crabs are revealed by the retreating sea. One needs to have a sharp eye to discover how smart they are to hide to survive during hours of dryness.
The trip starts in Pieterburen (about 20 minutes drive from the Hayema Heerd). You will be received with coffee / tea and cake and a slide show about the extraordinary nature and history of the Wadden Sea.

Wadden Sea, UNESCO World Heritage Discover!

The Wadden Sea is the world’s largest interconnected system of sand and mud flats exposed at low tide. The Wadden Sea is not very deep water area with a relatively flat coastline. The habitat has tidal channels, seagrass meadows, mussel beds, sandbars, mudflats, salt marshes, beaches and dunes. There are many plant and animal species, including marine mammals such as the harbor seal, gray seal and harbor porpoise. It is also the breeding and wintering area for 10 to 12 million birds annually. The area is one of the last remaining large-scale intertidal ecosystems where natural processes continue to function.

Experience the Wadden Sea

Package: Wadden Sea tidal flat walking and sleeping in straw in the Straw-hotel

This adventurous and sporty package includes:

  • Overnight in the hay; straw castle or straw-igloo for groups in the hayloft
  • Extensive breakfast
  • Minibar
  • Trip tidal flat walking (about 3 hours) , incl. Coffee / tea, cakes + slideshow
  • Price: from € 80.00 p.p. from a minimum of 2 persons. (Children from € 45.00 per child)
  • Suitable for small and larger groups.
  • Group Package: Price on request
  • More information about Waddenzee – Unesco Werelderfgoed
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Experience the Wadden Sea

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Guest experiences

Jack en Annie

Easter 2015 Dear Hans and Will, we have enjoyed in your beautiful straw castle! After a nice welcome and a nice ‘ inboeringscursus ‘ at farmer Kees we crawled our nice bed. even though it was we slept wonderfully -5 degrees outside . In the morning we were like smoke -breathing dragons awake! Having been a delicious breakfast to Pieterburen and the mudflats . But first we have cycled a round at the Elliptigo ‘s , what does that tasty. After a wonderful night we sit down to breakfast , socializing with female Fransel . The Igloos places and you invite another visit , there are still so much to do fun things here . And the girls still want to play games again , drumming and sit on the swing . Thank you very much for your hospitality and maybe see you soon! Jack , Annie, Berit , Ylva , Jytte

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