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Building with straw

Building with straw bales

This particular workshop ‘Building with Straw’ can be used as a powerful tool for experimential learning. There are plenty of theories on project management, collaboration, behavioral styles and how to work effectively. On that you will have read in books, in teams often exchanged, may have followed training. That’s good, because with your toolbox full of theory we get started in a very concrete and practical setting.

building with straw

Teambuilding, from theory to everyday reality

During the workshop “Building with straw” you are directly stimulated to put theory into concrete action and deeds. This specially developed activity is full of dynamics, teachable moments, “topple-rise-and-forth-go moments.
To realise a complete straw-building within the stipulated time, you and your team need an open communication about distribution of roles and tasks, good cooperation, ability to cope with stress and setbacks, adequate leadership. The integrated element of competition makes this activity more exciting.


Building with straw: do it so!

The workshop Building with Straw is offered as a game in which two teams compete against each other. Both teams are instructed to build an structure of straw. The teams get some instructions  and a budget  purchase of a pile of strawbales, wood and some tools. The trainers see to it that we are working safely and against a “fee” you cam gain tips and advice.
The teams should create by themselves how the building will look like and then estimate of the amount of required materials. The winner is the first team to hoist the flag on top. But watch out! The client is also very interested in the eventual final settlement.

building with straw

Practical information

  • For whom? Project teams, project leaders, managers, teams where the operation can use a solid boost. The activity is definitely recommended as infill for a staff outing.
  • Location: in one of the stables of the Hayema Heerd. If the weather is nice then built outside. Afterwards, the straw must get hold of it again here be brought inside.
  • Duration of Activity: about 2 hours. Is optionally expandable to two sessions, or integrated into a two-day training program. the contract depending on the time available is heavier and it introduced more competition elements.
  • Price from € …., 00 for two hours. Every hour extra € 150.00. Rates are excl. VAT.
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Guest experiences

Olaf en Andrea

April 20, 2015 , We have a nice weekend behind us. The first night in the straw- Iglo after walk with farmer Kees . Super nice farmer and a very cool experience ! The second night slept in the straw castle. What a special place! We’re still nice to enjoy after the sun the delicious breakfast , the peace and the animals around us. Also recommended to rent a tandem . Good faith test and great fun to miscarry through the meadows . Good place to get rid of your spider phobia

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