Surprisingly different at nights, camping, meetings and parties

Enjoy pure Groningen.
Sleep unusual and awake very special, play, chat, go dancing, singing and partying, lit fire, enjoy good food, learn from the animals, life ..... enjoy.
And all between the straw.

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Farm campsite in Groningen

Special farm Campsite in Groningen, back-to-basic

Camping as ever even started, simply entertaining the tent or caravan without too many bells and whistles.
"Being woken up by little swallow and the godwit, the rooster in the distance or the early sheep.
You stick your head out of the tent and are surprised by the sun rising and the fabulously beautiful vistas.
Pure and relax. Children entertain themselves throughout the day.
The fans of peace and space are out of eyes, "what a very special birds here!"

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Activities, both individually and for groups

A day out, staff outing, group outing, team building

Do special things together and have fun, a new challenge and you never dreamed that you were able to do such a thing?
Groningen country, Groningen fellow entrepreneurs, farmers, our beautiful region and the nearby Wadden Sea and Lauwersmeer offer us many possibilities. These capabilities have been incorporated into a wide range of special activities.
Fun things for people to do as a couple or with a group, team building and meeting breaks. We offer you a unique experience. Guaranteed!

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Unusual stay in the Straw Hotel Groningen

Nostalgic, romantic, magical and tough! That's Sleeping in Straw.
For lovers, engaged couples, married couples, families, groups and companies.
You will sleep in a big bed made with a thick layer of straw, under a luxurious quilt with beautiful linens and plenty of pillows.
"Won’t that straw itch?" Not at all because on top of the straw lies a comfortable soft mattress.
The morning holds a surprise for you; an extensive breakfast, with all kinds of fresh produce from the region.
Sometimes we were asked if we can make a straw bed for home. Do you understand? We do!

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Conference center; original meetings in Groningen

Meeting venue in Groningen; original and relaxed meetings
While your colleagues are working in the office, you go all out with your team.
Just the drive to us is an adventure: swinging on a narrow road through the beautiful Regio Middag-Humsterland. Ca. 15 minutes from the city of Groningen, in the middle of the farmland there you will find a surprisingly different venue. The colors of the outside and the smell of straw take you inside. Make your head free, let your heart speak and soon you will go home full of new insights and inspiration.
We provide the right facilities and that all your needs for a good meeting are fulfilled

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A unique party venue

Wedding party, birthday celebration, company anniversary, graduation party or championship celebration, etc. There are so many reasons to celebrate a feast.
Do you want it small and intimate, or even great dancing party, shabby or chic, nice and relaxed, or have 'the roof off? With us, every celebration is a unique experience. Always cheerful and we take care for it to perfection.

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